Life is serious, Art is fun.~ John Irving

Please take your time and view all of my galleries below. I hope you will lose yourself in my mystical creations.
If you are interested in purchasing a piece, want to be updated on my futures exhibitions or want to learn more please reach out any time!
~ Phyllis ~

Phyllis Emmert


Phyllis Emmert is a northwest artists, illustrator and sculptor. She has been painting for most of her life, since "retirement" you will find her almost every day in her studio. She is self taught, mostly by looking at the great artists whose work she admired and just plain trail and error on the way to her own path. She is captivated by light and shadow, texture and movement.

Emmert has shown in both solo and group shows in various galleries in Washington. She is in public and private collections nationally and private collections internationally.

Solo Shows

Woodside Braseth Gallery

1983 | 1986 | 1987 | 1989 | 1992


Group Shows

Woodside Braseth Gallery ~ 1988 | 1989

Poncho ~ 1983

Harvest of the Arts ~ 1989

Critics Choice, Seattle Times ~ 1989

Amenities Gallery, LaConner WA ~ 2002

Art House Design, Olympia WA, Art Walk ~ 2018

Confluence Gallery

The Beholden Eye ~ 2018 | Birds and Bees ~ 2018 | Fangs of my Heart ~ 2019 | Wit & Whimsy ~ 2019

Seattle Art Museum - 2020